In collaboration with the UCLA Center for Excellence in Engineering and Diversity (CEED), TANMS Engineering Research Center offers this unique professional development opportunity to high school STEM teachers in the Los Angeles area to learn about cutting-edge nanoscience and how to implement TANMS-related science curriculum that aligns to NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas and Project Based Learning principles. 

The TANMS module uses an application-driven approach to reinforcing the principles of electricity and magnetism with a particular focus on magnetic materials and electromagnetic induction. For example, students study magnetic ordering in materials and its relationship with temperature by observing first-hand how magnetization can be “switched off” using heat. Students also learn about the coupling between electricity and magnetism in a group project building a rudimentary electric motor and exploring the effect of various design parameters on motor performance. Students also are introduced to the future of electromagnetism and nano-motors, inspiring interest in scientific research and engineering.

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